Lucille – Nothing Comes For Free – Reviewed By Alan Forbes

Although the lads in Lucille have been kicking about the highland music scene for a wee bit, they have just released their first single Nothing Comes For Free. After a couple of changes in the band, due to members moving away, the lads now seem settled with Marc Davidson on lead vocals, Gordon Bolton on bass, Lewis Murray on lead guitar and now with Duncan Bolton on the drums. As mentioned before, the lads have been gigging pretty steadily for the past year and a bit and by doing so, have made themselves into a tighter unit and I feel that by waiting before going into the studio to record has helped with this track.

The track itself is the perfect slice of pop/rock and you can certainly get the influence from Iain McLaughlin, who recorded the track in the Imout studios in Inverness. It has a really catchy chorus, that after a couple of listens you will be singing along to, which is never a bad thing. I was really impressed with the track and look forward to catching the lads back out on the road, once life settles back into a sort of normal. Would definitely recommend this track.


Nothing Comes For Free is available now on all major streaming platform’s.


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