Calum Jones – Monster Reviewed By Alan Forbes

This is the fourth single release of the year for Moray rocker Calum Jones and on first listen, it takes a darker tone than his previous work. When I say darker tone, that is not to be taken as a negative, the complete opposite in fact. With Monster, there is a thick blues style throughout the track and adding in the raspy vocals is the cherry on top. In fact the style in his vocals is also something new and I for one, would like to hear more from Calum like this.

The track itself starts off slowly and builds at the right pace to the chorus, when the guitars kick in and then there is no turning back. Dark and broody, it may be, but I think it could be the perfect track to help you get through this pandemic. Every time I hear Calum, I can hear a bunch of different artists and styles trying to get through, but not one that you could pin down and compare him to and that for me, shows how much of a unique artist he is.


Monster is out now on all streaming platforms


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