Forgetting The Future – Interview with Colin Bunce

FORGETTING THE FUTURE are a four piece rock ’n’ roll band from the tip top of Scotland. When I first saw the band in 2018, it was obvious that these guys knew how to headline a gig. Since then, the band have gone on to release their debut album, ‘Broken Phones & Hormones’, and in doing so, it became obvious that this band has everything. Forgetting The Future are the full package and with tens of thousands of streams under their belt, already the world is catching on and they are catching on fast. I had the pleasure of catching up with the band’s frontman Robbie last week for a quick chat and 21 questions. Here’s how it went down.


21 questions with…Forgetting The Future


Pleasure to be joined by the gorgeous Robbie of FTF.  First things first, how’d the band name come about?

Good Question! We had been searching for a band name for weeks and had a few ideas, but they didn’t seem to fit. So, eventually after pondering on ideas, we came up with Forgetting The Future and I don’t know what it was about the name, but it seemed to suit us so well. I think the idea of the name being so uncool, actually made it cool.


Was there any other serious suggestions kicking about?

Not that I can remember, but I’m sure there was some wild suggestions that weren’t PG enough to be a band name ahah.


Can you remember the first time you jammed together?

The first time we ever jammed together was in our Local Youth Club in our hometown Thurso, which was the best way to start a band! There were so many of us kids about the building jamming and somehow all four of us ended up together!


That’s class! What was your first go-to cover tune when you were jamming?

I believe our first ever cover was by Mr Jake Bugg, his song ‘Seen It All’ along with ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ by Green Day of course, because who didn’t play that song! We also jammed a lot with some Hendrix tunes which is the pinnacle of covers I’d say!


What’s your go-to cover tune when you are jamming nowadays?

It’s probably ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ by the Arctic Monkeys these days, a lot has changed ahah!


Best thing about your hometown?

The very best thing about our hometown has got to be the support we have been gifted with! They are always behind us and supporting us along with other cities too, but Caithness have had our back from the start! Whether it’s putting on our first gigs in Mr C’s Bar, to our mates and family attending the gigs! We have so much love and time for our hometown and the people in it!


MASSIVE congratulations on the album, it is absolutely class from start to finish! When you listen back now, what moments stand out for you?

Thanks so much mate! The work that our amazing producer Ken Allardyce and his incredible engineering/producing/mixing stands out the most for me! The sounds and the performances he managed to get out of us in the studio were mental! Another thing that stands out to me is how well ‘Inhaler’ has done so far. During the recording process we didn’t think it was album-worthy but then we re-wrote the whole song and now people love it! So that was a big win!

4 Broken Phones & Hormones

More on Inhaler in a bit. What was the songwriting process for the album?

The song writing process took place all the way up until we finished the album. The usual routine is I (Robbie) will write the song and then show the boys at band practice. Then Max will lay some groovy bass lines down, Connor will fill it out with some drums and Jamie will sprinkle the glitter over it with his lead guitar!


Tell us more about working with Ken Allardyce and how you went about assembling the album in the studio?

Basically, what we usually do is jam on the track together time after time after time and then we take it to the studio and whilst recording, it grows naturally. With the help of Ken producing it, it is the perfect combo for us! Then we fire on a little bit of tambourine, a bit of shaker and then voila! The finished product.


On Ken, a cool, cool cat. What’s your favourite tune from Nimrod? As he did produce that Green Day record.

That’s a great question and a hard one because it’s such a great album but for myself personally, has to be “The Grouch”, love that tune so much energy!


My pick too mate, easily! What’s your favourite gig you’ve played as a band?

It’s hard to choose but our recent gig was so fun! We managed to sell 400 tickets to sell out our local venue Skinandies for our debut album launch, that was so fun. We had some great support bands too which was a bonus!!


What’s your favourite gig you’ve been to as a fan?

Mine personally has to be Neck Deep. I saw them on their second album tour in Glasgow and was absolutely blown away by everything, from the stage presence to the merch stall, I could not fault a thing!


Tell us about supporting Neon Waltz, must’ve been unreal! I personally couldn’t make it down but heard it was some gig. The question is this, if you could support any band on the planet right now who would it be?

Ahah thanks man it was a wild yin! Damn, that’s hard but I’d have to say SLAVES. They would be my go to band to watch right now. We actually had tickets to see them this year too but the gig got cancelled. I was so bummed but it would have to be them, their energy and show setup is just insane!


And if you could BE supported by any up and coming or raring to go Scottish band right now who would it be? And go on, give us a track by the band we should all listen to.

Ooft, there are so many to choose! We are absolutely loving our great friends PRIMES at the moment so that will be a class gig after lockdown! Their new track “Moments” is a great listen too!


If you could see any band live, past or present, who would the band be and what would be the venue?

I’m so into the Fratellis at the moment and to watch them play would be so awesome! Maybe like, The Fratellis at T In The Park a few years back would have to be my pick!


Hypothetically, if your second album could be any album currently in existence, what would you want it to be?

I’d have to say the Arctic Monkeys ‘AM’ album because every single tune on that record is unbelievable.


What’s the best song that’s ever been written and you can’t say Cymru (or 107).

Ahah cheeky! I reckon it’s got to be ‘Come Together’ by the big boys. That song was so ahead of its time!

Inhaler sublist

The big boys are the best. Talk to us about your new single ‘Inhaler’, great tune! You sort of touched on this earlier, but was the thinking process into releasing this tune as a single? Was it always going to be the single or did the reaction of the album dictate the course?

That one was all because of our manager Alan Greer, he had the idea of releasing it as a new single. He arranged a cartoon western music video and didn’t show us until it was finished to build suspense and when we eventually saw it we were all so ecstatic! We were almost itching for people to lay their eyes on it! So huge props to Alan, that man is always ahead of the game!


Loved the video for it as well! Question is this, if your band was in an old western film, who in the band would be the archetypal western hero that saves the day?

That would have to be Jamie with his new haircut, that man is a pure player!!!


Any insight into how the video was made?

The video was created by 1Eye Entertainment from Portugal, with the help of our man Alan and what a job they have done!


Agreed mate! Finally, the tune is ‘Inhaler’ and it has hit over 3000 streams in its first week (at the time of posting I suspect it will have surpassed 5000), it has also found its way onto the iTunes USA top 100 charts, so I guess the only question left to ponder is this. Will you remember this interview when you do hit the big time in the states? And what’s next for Forgetting The Future?

This interview was a personal favourite and we could never forget our guy Colin!! The man is sex on legs!!!! Huge love for you dude continuing to support our music day in and day out! Next for Forgetting The Future will be a huge tour after lockdown and a few more singles to be released very soon so keep your eyes peeled!


Like I said before, this band are going places and fast…or about as fast as any band can go during a pandemic. If you have somehow missed the hype with this band and haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon then I’m afraid you are too slow.

But it’s not too late!

Please stream the show-stopping band’s newest single ‘Inhaler’ as soon as you close this page, you will not regret it!


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