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Rick Shea Published 2 years ago in Americana

(Down at the Bar at) Gypsy Sallyʼs - Rick Shea - Love & Desperation

(Down At The Bar At) Gypsy Sally’s
The name Gypsy Sally comes from the Townes Van Zandt song, Tecumseh Valley. The song depicts a scene I kind of imagined some nights in some of the places I played. Some of the places I started out in were pretty rough, truck stop bars, honky tonks. There was some trouble sometimes, but I never really got caught up in it. It seemed to me that if you were looking for it, trouble would not be hard to find in these places. Outside of that though there would be married couples out to have a couple of beers and dance a little on a Friday night, a few of the local characters workin’ their scene or their little hustle and the working girls who were always very nice to me.

(Down At The Bar At) Gypsy Sally's (R Shea) Ric O Shea music BMI, admin BMG

Guitars & Vocals - Rick Shea
Accordion - Phil Parlapiano
Bass & Saxophone - Jeff Turmes
Drums & Tambourine - Shawn Nourse


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