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iMTV - international Moose TV Published 2 years ago in Americana

The Grand Slambovians - Every Little Light

All at iMTV and The Sublist are delighted to welcome the wndrfl Slambovians and their wndrfl world as iMTV Patron Artists, stay tuned for live feeds and exclusive content on iMTV plus (Coming soon) meanwhile here is a sneak preview of "Every Little Light" soon to be released via Medicine Show Records on The Christmas Times A'Comin' 2020 Collection. Rumours that Grand Slambovia is actually situated at the North Pole have been reinforced by the appearance of "Every Little Light".

This is such a great song it should be getting played all year round and not just for Christmas.

Formed in Sleepy Hollow, New York over a decade ago, The Slambovian Circus of Dreams (AKA The Grand Slambovians) are pioneers of psychedelic/folk/americana , staying firmly on the fringes of the music industry while producing several critically acclaimed studio albums and packing them out at venues and Festivals across the world for many year.



Love the lyrics in this track,nice music vibe and harmonies. Very Christmas :)

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