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Today’s Medicine Show Records track does not come from the new release, but comes with a serendipitous story, involving
Randy Huston

(Randy is a for real cowboy)

On my recent stravaig of Applecross I told the story in a post of how The Highland Drovers swam the heard across to the mainland from Skye there before pushing on to the markets in Crief and Falkirk, Randy is also a film maker currently engaged in producing a documentary on how the Highland Drovers after the Highlands Clearances became the first western Cowboys for
The Cowboy Way Trio

funded by fans of the band. They were here last year for Belladrum festival to do the Scottish filming. Unfortunately (but fortunately for me) they did not get much footage of Highland Cows, so he asked me to help complete the project with more footage earlier this week.

I would have done this willingly for free however he in a spirit of supporting the Moose and imtv - international moose TV deposited $150 in the iMTV fighting fund (thanks Randy) This a very timely gesture as I had just learned that to establish our Community fund sharing live streaming platform on the SublistScotland web site we need to purchase an all singing all dancing plug in for $500, money I don’t have, however it is now $350 of money I don’t have ??

So from now on all downloaded tracts and other medicine show donations will go directly into buying this vital component to help the artist community emancipate themselves from Facebook live steam slavery and finally get paid for live streaming, on achieving this $350 we can have it up running within a week it is that close, I’ll keep you posted!

Why not get us started by downloading Randy’s song or gifting it to a country and western fan that you know - preferably a DEE JAY friend who will play it on the radio (shoot me I’m a publicist) ?

Help me help the music we love!

All Medicine Show records songs are donated by the artist and are free by donation to our followers friends and radio listeners, all funds raised go to keeping the Medicine Show on the road! If you enjoy the song please download and share (thanks for your generosity)

Speed donation to the iMTV international Moose TV Network (with thanks) paypal.me/sihcfest

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