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Edgar Road are an original band from the North of Scotland, who started playing together in 2013. The band consists of five musicians or as some might say, three musicians a bass player and a drummer.

They are currently working on their 3rd EP which the band are really excited to finish and say that it is a continuation of their musical journey. Their sound has developed and evolved with each EP so far as they develop as a band.

The depth of Edgar Road’s sound comes from the combination of Keyboards, 2 Electric Guitars, Drums, Bass, Vocals and Backing Vocals with the occasional use of Acoustic Guitars and Samples. Their song writing manages to utilise all these instruments and blends them together so well that so many say that a high degree of originality is formed in the delivery of these anthemic and melodic songs. The bands sound has a very current and feel god vibe to it which is enjoyable to listen to.

To date in their career Edgar Road have won a significant battle of the bands competition in Scotland which gained them an excellent review in the Scottish Sun newspaper by Jim Gellatly, have had many of their songs charted in the New Music Scottish Chart Top 40, played various festivals and are breaking into the Glasgow / Edinburgh music scene with gigs that have included a support slot for The Amazon’s.

Edgar Road played at The Cavern Club in Liverpool. We were booked to 2 nights in a row. Couldn’t believe we shared the satage as The Beatles and many other big artists.

Next stop Camden Rock Festival.. We managed to get a 30 min slot on the main stage which was none other than KOKO Club London. Was truly amazing what a venue never to be forgotten.

Edgar Road are definitely a band that you need to listen to and if you get the chance, try to catch them live as their energy and charisma on stage just adds to the whole experience.


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