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Courtney Hale Revia

A Southeast Texas born and raised Artist who finds balance between work and play. Her debut album, “Simple Things”, was released November 2015 and her most recent work, “Tattered”, was released November 2018.
Her third album “Growing Pains” is due to be released November 2021. It is a true representation of her growth as a songwriter and woman, containing songs that touch on topics ranging from suicide/grief to rainbows and hope.
Courtney is unapologetically a confessional songwriter. As the daughter of a songwriter, she has experienced first hand the importance of story telling and putting both experience and truth to music. She sees her purpose in entertaining, educating and inspiring. Her music is an eclectic mix of country, alt rock, Americana, spiritual and folk. Twenty-five years of being a mom, teacher, wife, daughter and friend have lended itself to influencing her work.
Courtney was inspired by her first ever listening room experience when she opened for Bob Schneider at Courville’s of Beaumont Texas in 2016. She has been hosting house concerts since 2018 and has hosted performers like Redd Volkaert, Brian Pounds, Susan Gibson, Robert Cline Jr., her father James T. Hale and Mean Mary.
Watching her father write and play music all his life, being a singer songwriter herself in an area of Texas that needs more venues for original artist has been her inspiration in advocating for the art and the artist.
Her motto is “Just because you aren’t a rose, doesn’t mean you can’t bloom as a dandelion”.

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