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Our man in Cuba Maurice Hope with his Santiago De Cuba latest

Live music might be playing a slightly larger role in the lives of people, but the influence and general disruption is still never far away. Just this last couple of days people have been proved positive, one having had contact with three hundred and forty seven others the greatest concern. But, of a happier note Joe Biden‘s victory in the American election has handed one Donald Trump his notice as President. 
Since I last dropped a line we have seen a cyclone hit the city and Tropical Storm Eta drop a heap of water on us. Buckets and buckets of rain. Just what was needed for the reservoirs. The first deluge and winds caused power cuts and the brought down trees. 
As for the latter, just a week ago we were in the middle of forty-eight hours of rain (Sancti Spiritus had more) saw the rainfall for the month rise to around eight inches. Thankfully, blues skies are with us once again. As a result the supply of the rain fruit and vegetables have once dipped. Long lines at the mercas have seen goods vanishing before your eyes. But with some early (in the line by 5.0 in the morning) starts we were fortunate enough to purchase Platano Fongo, Yucca and Papaya. Another ever unreliable product, bread has caused much disruption. Due to days when the bakery we use having none we were forced to get in line for an evening shop. Shortage of flour has seen soya flour become an integral part in the baking of recent batches of bread at our preferred supplier.#
To say these can be interesting is an understatement. People can become a little aggressive as you have queque jumpers. Also this week when they were running three hours late a vociferous woman (there’s usually at least one) introduce a batch of children. Who by Cuban law aren’t allowed to buy brought to the front of the line. Even worse came during Saturday’s rain when people were sat on pavement waiting. Here a woman tried to muscle a man out of the way to cause a little scuffle. One she wasn’t going win since she was in the wrong and the older man had the support of the line.#
With cases of people stealing large amounts of chicken and more goods slipping into the hands of the merolicos. As some selling the goods in shops cream product. As a result those in greatest need are finding it more and more difficult as the lines become infested by the dealers. You also have those handed quick service because they have a medical card, are blood donors and otherwise restricted joined by women with young children. Not always their own sneak in. Some babies are in fact available at a cost for this service. If there is money to be made people will be there scheming. #

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